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Created Websites

"JSC Kriolis Website www.kriolis.lt was successfully created by "SIMPLE.LT" team that is young and promising. We are very pleased with the multi-functional Content Management System. Some of our ideas, not only was successfully implemented, but also we received new non-traditional solutions. In other words, we got a high quality service at a fair price. In the future we will employ SIMPLE.LT team for our IT innovative solutions. "
Aleksandras Zubkovas, Communications Director of JSC "Kriolis"
Website: http://www.kriolis.lt/en
A3 Studio - certified design company, founded by three architects / certified project managers. Manage renovation of apartment houses, public buildings, industrial construction and renovation, private and residential construction and reconstruction, multi-purpose interior projects.
JSC "A3 Studija"
Website: http://www.a3studija.lt/
"We were not dissapointed when on the road of options we chose "Simple.lt" team for our website creation. It was a pleasure to work with people who are familiar with their work. The website was developed rapidly, in accordance to our wishes, but also providing reasoned advice and useful solutions. Sincerely thank you and wish you creative success!"
JSC "Step Forward orthopedics" Director Regina Žakaitienė
Website: http://www.stepforward.lt/
The main company activities - high-quality clothing and household textile production and trade. Company offers design, construction, assembly, manufacturing services.
JSC "Vikada"
Website: http://www.vikada.lt/
JSC "ARG engineering" - provides successful implementation of engineering solutions in order to conserve and manage electricity. Suggests energy-efficient LED systems, their management and control.
JSC "ARG Inžinerija" Director, Rytis Baranov
Website: http://www.arginzinerija.lt/
JSC "Tankos" is manufacturing products made of metal. Product application areas: commercial equipment, stairs and railings, furniture and their parts.
JSC "Tankos"
Website: http://www.tankos.lt
"We would like to thank you for a job well done, speed, support, and a pleasant communication. We believe that you are professionals ini your field of work, because every issue that was raised during the creation period were dealt with quickly and accurately. We look forward to further pleasant cooperation."
JSC "Plaukų simfonija" team
Website: http://www.plaukusimfonija.com/
JSC "Sarguva ir Ko" is reflectors manufacturer and distributor of Reflex products in Lithuania. Currently, the company is cooperating with the Police, local governments, departments and ministries, public health centers and other public bodies, often helps businesses implement ongoing campaigns, projects.
JSC "Sarguva ir Ko"
Website: http://www.atsvaitai.lt/
Its main activity - electronic cash registers and weighing-machines sale, repair and maintenance.
JSC "Sarguva"
Website: http://www.sarguva.lt/
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